Transfer Tokens from Ethereum to Matic
Make sure the Ethereum mainnet is selected. Both in interface and Metamask.
2) On the page, you will see your token balances that Bridge currently supports. Select from the menu the token you want to transfer to the Matic Network, for example, CVP.
3) Select "Matic" from the menu.
4) Enter the number of tokens to transfer and unlock them to Bridge smart contract. By clicking the Unlock button, you submit a transaction with approve() method to the Token smart contract.
You have two options:
  • allow the bridge smart contract to use only the number of tokens that you specified;
  • allow the bridge to use an unlimited number of tokens.
We recommend that you always use only the first method as a third party operates the bridge contract.
5) Confirm transaction in Metamask.
6) You can always lock the token by clicking the Lock button.
7) Click the Transfer button to send tokens to Matic Network.
8) Confirm transaction in Metamask.
Tokens will appear on the Matic Network in 5-7 minutes.
9) Switch the network to Matic in Metamsk. The interface will automatically change the network.
You will see the balance of tokens in Matic.
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