Power Index ERC20 Pool Share Token
Quick intro on ERC20 Power Index Pool Token or PIPT
Like any AMM pool (Uniswap, Balancer, etc.), each Power Index has a corresponding ERC20 token, a share of all underlying tokens in the pool.
PowerIndexPool.sol inherits token code from BToken.sol. Thus, each pool is a token that is minted and burned by users.
Generally, for each pool(index), we call this token Power Index Pool Token or PIPT, but for different indices, token name and symbol can be other, e.g., for Yearn Ecosystem Token Index token name and symbol are Yearn Ecosystem Token Index and YETI.
Users mint PIPT in two ways:
  • users provide liquidity to the pool simultaneously in all tokens in proportions determined by their weights using joinPool(). We call this "Multi assets liquidity provision";
  • users provide liquidity to the pool only in one underling token using joinswapExternAmountIn() or joinswapPoolAmountOut(). We call this "Single asset liquidity provision".
Users burn PIPT in two ways:
Of course, anyone can buy any PIPT as an ERC20 token on the secondary market.
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